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kamen rider gaim

Sinopsis :
In the world of Kamen Rider Gaim, because of a large company known as the Yggdrasil Corporation setting up shop in the once bustling city of Zawame , it now feels like everyone is living in a Joukamachi.
To escape this feeling, young people throughout the city have formed dance crews to bring joy back into their lives. Also popular is a game that uses Lockseeds that contain small animals known as Invess that are said to come from another dimension.
However, as this game becomes more and more popular, it seems to be causing tears in reality to an actual alternate dimension from which monsters are invading the Earth. Kota Kazuraba, who gives up time in his dance crew to start a job to help out his sister, uses a special Lockseed in his Sengoku Driver belt to transform into Kamen Rider Gaim to battle these monsters, but he must also contend with other rival Kamen Riders, transforming a fight against monsters from another dimension into a Kamen Rider warring states period.

Informasi :
Created by : Ishinomori Shotaro
Written by : Urobuchi Gen
Directed by : Tasaki Ryuta, Shibasaki Takayuki
Narrated by : Otsuka Houchu
Opening theme : "Just Live More" by Gaim no Kaze (Shounan no Kaze)
Original Language : Japan
Producer : Takebe Naomi (TOEI)
Running time : 24-25 min (per eps)
Production & Distributor : TOEI Company
Original Channel : TV Asahi
Original airing : October 6, 2013 [START]
Fansub by : HeroeSubs, Madesu, Ryuzakilogia
Password (if needed) : nerovista / HeroeSubs

Download :
Episode 1 : [Download]
Episode 2 : [Download]
Episode 3 : [Download]
Episode 4 : [Download]
Episode 5 : [Download]
Episode 6 : [Download]
Episode 7 : [Download]
Episode 8 : [Download]
Episode 9 : [Download]
Episode 10 : [Download]
Episode 11 : [Download]
Episode 12 : [Download]
Episode 13 : [Download]
Episode 14 : [Download]
Episode 15 : [Download]
Episode 16 : [Download]
Episode 17 : [Download]
Episode 18 : [Download]
Episode 19 : [Download]
Episode 20 : [Download]
Episode 21 : [Download]
Episode 22 : [Download]
Episode 23 : [Download]
Episode 24 : [Download]
Episode 25 : [Download]
Episode 26 : [Download]
Episode 27 : [Download]
Episode 28 : [Download]
Episode 29 : [Download]
Episode 30 : [Download]
Episode 31 : [Download]
Episode 32 : [Download]
Episode 33 : [Download]
Episode 34 : [Download]

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